Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply!  I've been trying all the suggestions I've been
getting through this mailing list, and still have not been able to get the
background of my test image transparent.  Here's the link again for the
image I'm working on: 


I went through all the Gimp options after right-clicking on the image, and
do not see any "add alpha channel" .. I've been browsing FAQ's on the net
regarding the Gimp, and have seen that images that are not in RGB can be
problematic.   Just for kicks, I went and tried to change mode to "RGB", but
"RGB" is greyed out for this image.

Any thoughts?



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On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, dreadnought wrote:

> I've been using the technique mentioned in the email below to try to 
> get images with white backgrounds transparent .. I've had some good 
> luck, but also some bad.  Today I used the process on two .jpg's and 
> the *entire* images ended up transparent.  In one of the images, the 
> foreground color is actually black.  I've got the color picker on 
> white and then do a color to alpha on white.  The entire image 
> (including the black stuff in the middle) gets the alternating boxes
indicative of transparency.

 This behaviour is the expected. Color to alpha removes the selected color
from all the colors in the image in such a way that when you put the image
above a background of that color you will get your original image.
 To do what you want, and that is to just erase a specific color, you
 1) add an alpha channel to your layer if it hasn't got any yet (right click
on the layer and "add alpha channel")
 2) Select -> Select by Color
 3) Edit -> Clear

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