On Fri, Jun 11, 2004 at 09:05:10AM -0700, dreadnought wrote:
> Thanks for the reply!  I've been trying all the suggestions I've been
> getting through this mailing list, and still have not been able to get the
> background of my test image transparent.  Here's the link again for the
> image I'm working on: 
> http://www.pelican.com/imatges/3cases_1620.jpg
> I went through all the Gimp options after right-clicking on the image, and
> do not see any "add alpha channel" .. I've been browsing FAQ's on the net
> regarding the Gimp, and have seen that images that are not in RGB can be
> problematic.   Just for kicks, I went and tried to change mode to "RGB", but
> "RGB" is greyed out for this image.
well, RGB might be greyed out because you are trying to convert the
converted.  meaning it already is rgb.

making transparent jpegs is impossible due to the format of jpegs, if
this is what you are trying to do.

formats that handle transparency include (but are not limited to) png,
gif, and xpm.  i dont know if this is addressing your particular problem
or not.

to add alpha to a background layer (the only gimp layer that does not
come with an alpha layer) is to right click on the image and choose
Layers -->Transparency -->Add Alpha.  Or you can right click to the
right of the layer icon in the Layers Dialog (Dialogs -->Layers) and
select "Add Transparency".  sorry the documentation was not there.  the
gimp has been doing this layers and transparency thing for a long time.
some of the lack of documentation is from the fact it is used so much.
similar to the lack of documentation on how to breathe out there.

enjoy working with the gimp.  and do spend some time looking through and
trying the various menu options available to you.  the gimp has much to
offer, more than you can imagine without checking it out for yourself.


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