Bandit Pat wrote,

I'm no Mandrake expert by any means, but this error sounds like you are missing some needed GTK+ files. I suspect MDK 10 only installed the Gnome files needed to run most programs, but didn't some that Gimp needed. Just a guess, not certain. I would think when trying to install, it would give you more details though. What you might try is to install the rpm from a shell with: rpm -Uhv gimp-2.0.0-Richard.1mdk.i586.rpm"

If there are unmet dependencies or conflicts, they will show there.

Hi all,
thanks BanditPat,
I will try to install from a shell, its about time I learned a bit, but in the mean time
have solved install probs without changing distributions,
am running a copy of Knoppix 3.4 which has Gimp 2 on it, when I want to use
Gimp2. No install required, and no distro change either.
Easy solution for those of us who have no idea of how to fix any install probs.
Take Care
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