On Sun, Jun 13, 2004 at 02:34:36PM +0200, Tatar Kolos wrote:
> > > What are people's experiences re:  GIMP 2.x and FC1?  Is it the
> > > same nightmare of rebuilding gtk2?  Or is it better than rh 9?
> >
> >   I tried it.
> >   There are 79 packages involed.
> >   If you are not an expert do not try it.
> >   If you are running RH9 or FC1 you can upgrade to FC2.
> >   If you want the simple easy answer just upgrade to fc2.  It comes with
> > version 2.0 of gimp.
> >
i counted 5 packages to build gimp (from cvs), 4 required packages
(pango, pkgconfig, libart2, gtk2), 8 third party libraries in the
recommended list.  some addition suggestions are made from running

this equals 17 and this count needs more build tools than you would if
you were making it from a tarball.  79 - 17 = 62.  62 additional
packages are needed by pango, pkgconfig, libart2, gtk2 and fedora?

i know pango needs freetype2 and gtk needs atk and glib.

i think it is seriously time to check the reasons that fedora needs so
much on your computer to work.

i really watched these guys try not to add dependencies like this.

is there a way for fedora to show this list of dependencies.  i am in
the mood to count things ....

> Hi guys,
> It's possible that i'm just a lucky person, but it was no nightmare
> installing GIMP 2.0.1 on FC1.
> It complained about aalib, lcms and libexif, which i needed to install,
> but after that, i was able to upgrade with only rpm commands.
> There were some dependency issues but nothing serious.
this application should be able to build without these libraries.  i
know that aalib is an option and the gimp should build fine without

do you have a working pygimp?


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