On Sun, Jun 13, 2004 at 01:36:18PM -0400, Robert Krueger wrote:
> >On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, Greg Rundlett wrote:
> >>
> >>The point is this.....it doesn't matter *why* it is difficult, it 
> >>matters that it *is* difficult.  The result is that people will not use 
> >>the GIMP unless they are on Windows, or they are/have access to a Linux 
> >>guru to install it.
> >>
> >>   
> >>
>      This is like deja-vu.   I recently completed a thread with the 
> exact same scenario, only using SuSe linux 9.0.    My wife downloaded 
> Gimp 2.01 on her Dell XP laptop, and it works...bingo!  No problems, no 
> configurations, no dependencies, no bulls---, it just works.   I'm still 
> screwing around trying to get it to work, but your point is 100% correct.
> If this extremely common situation is not resolved for the ordinary 
> user, it will be yet one more example showing that Linux never got 
> beyond the Geek stage. 
was this ever a goal?

this looks like bragging to me.


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