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I have only done a bit of checking into the newer distros, but isn't FC2 a 64 bit OS? That would make it incompatible with my PIII 550, correct?

Don't start spreading FUD. From http://fedora.redhat.com

Sorry, no FUD intended. The info I got:

CPU Requirements

This section lists the CPU specifications required by Fedora Core 2.

* AMD64 processors (both Athlon64 and Opteron)
* Intel processors with IntelĀ® Extended Memory 64 Technology (IntelĀ® EM64T)

was from: http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/release-notes/

Not sure how the direct contradiction between the main FC2 page that you linked to and the release notes pages that a search for "fedora core system requirements" search took me to happened, but it is reassuring that FC2 is available for x86-64 and i386.

How is FC2 running for folks (especially with regard to GIMP 2.0.1)? Chances are that if I install FC2 I will just put it in a spare partition and keep rh 9 as my production os.

I briefly considered branching out to s Debian Sarge partition that would allow an 'apt-get install gimp', but my situation is further complicated by being on a 56k line. A kind windows user is downloading the isos of the new distro for me and I really don't see him installing Debian Jigdo to get the Sarge cd images

But your general statement about discontinuing support for "redhat based x86 operating systems" is wrong, as indicated by the release anouncement - it is even ambiguous, since the 64 bit version is for "x86-64" :)

Yeah ok, thanks for sorting that out.

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