On Sun, 2004-06-13 at 11:45, Rick Pasotto wrote:
> I have a fairly simple gif image that has various shades of brown. I'd
> like to have the same image but with various shades of grey instead.
> What would be the easiest way of doing this? Is there an algorithmic way
> of converting the brown range to a grey range? Given that I could easily
> change the values in the colormap.

You have several options.  

1.  Image:Mode:Grayscale  this will convert your gif to grayscale
You can then convert it back to GIF (e.g. Image:Mode:Indexed, and save
with the .gif extension)

2.  Image:Mode:RGB  convert the image to RGB, then
        Layer:Colors:Desaturate  will give you grayscale.
        Image:Mode:Indexed to get it back to indexed, and save with .gif
        extension as before.


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