Rick Pasotto wrote:
> I have a fairly simple gif image that has various shades of 
> brown. I'd like to have the same image but with various shades 
> of grey instead.  What would be the easiest way of doing this? 
> Is there an algorithmic way of converting the brown range to a 
> grey range? Given that I could easily change the values in the 
> colormap. 

First, since you are a novice, I should probably tell you to
convert the image from Indexed type to RGB type, or you will
not be able to do very much with it.

After that, depending on exactly what is in the image there may
be easier ways than what I am about to describe, but I think for
a general solution you need to begin by creating a selection that
contains the parts of the image you want to modify.  Possibly the
"Select by Color" function will do this for you, or you may have
to do something more sophisticated.  

Once you have selected the parts you want to modify, the rest
is easy:  just activate the Hue-Saturation tool, and reduce
the saturation to zero.  Everything in the selection will then
turn to gray.

If this does not do what you want, please try to clarify the

  -- Bill

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