On Sun, Jun 13, 2004 at 11:40:18PM -0400, moonchaser wrote:
> I'm going to sample the Gimp software later, but I'm
> wondering... despite that the program is free (the
> source anyway), if I create or doctor images using the
> program which will be put up on a website, in my case,
> they are cartoon images on a comic site, is it legal?
> The images themselves will not be sold - they are
> free. But, on the sites I will be selling merchandice.
> I just want to make sure I'm not running into legal or
> licencing issues using this software. Thank you for
> your time and reply.
these are two separate issues.  it is like owning your own car.  you
do not have to ask permission to drive your car.  this does not allow
you the right to drive it anywhere you want however.

when the gimp developers are worried about licenses, they are worried
about using copyrighted mathematical processes.  one of these was the lz
compression stuff.  just an example.

you, a gimp user, needs to be mindful of what you use the gimp for.
just because it is yours and free to have and keep does not mean that
this allows you to violate artists wishes because you own it.

buying photoshop does not give you this priveledge either.

check to see what the comic artists says on his/her web site.  they all
have an opinion about what you can do with their artwork.


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