Still its another people who have the same tablet problem as me.
A talk about this bug:

Gimp 2.1.0 development version doesnt have this bug!

But with gimp2.1.0 I have several problem:
It can open only .xcf files not jpg and png.
And the gimpprint support isnt there(at ./configrue i didnt have any
warning about this)

How can I enable the different file-type support?

Other things:

The new file open dialog is a step backward. Its really uncomfortable.
I dont have a input box where can I input the file-path.

In general It hide completely the file-hierarchy. The old open dialog
had a drop-down menu where was marked the complete path (with slash!(/))

My impression is that the unix intellectuality are completely ignored.
(ex: At first look I didnt find where I am, how can I go to the root(/).
Filesystem == / its a good joke.)

Its not difference between the directory and the regular file. (just
when I click on it). 

If I click on ``HOME'' button I cant go up the hierarchy (ie:
/home/lama/ its my home I cant go in /home, just if I click on the left
on Filesystem button.) 

So I must learn that:

(in other language is more terrible the associate, 
because the variable $HOME is the same but Home is translated for the
local language. So isnt self-explanatory that ``Personlicher Ordner'' is

Its just my opinion, and I have written it as constructive critics.

I have several ideas how could be improved this file open dialog, and
save some really good things from the old one.
Is it help when I make a mockup of this, or is just not the case?


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