On Mon, Jun 14, 2004 at 05:52:55PM +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Khiraly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Other things:
> > 
> > The new file open dialog is a step backward. Its really uncomfortable.
> > I dont have a input box where can I input the file-path.
> > (/mnt/big/rajzok/munkaim/egyeb/papagaj.png)
> Hit Ctrl-L to get a dialog that allows you to input a filename.
i would like to have some more information before i go to bugzilla with
my ideas about this.  

i was around when the gtk guys put decorative corners onto some places
in the widget.  the problem was that the decorative corner was not a
decorative item but was supposed to be a handle to expand dialogs with.

the real linuxy thinking did not like a handle with no purpose.

i saw something similar when they were not worried about being able to
use linux tab completion when typing into this part of the file selector

now it is not available at all?

someone told me that as long as Owen was involved with gtk2 that this
sort of stuff would not happen.  is this still a fact?

> > Its not difference between the directory and the regular file. (just
> > when I click on it).
> You need to install an icon theme and tell gtk+ to use it. Check the
> gtk+ mailing lists archive.
> Anyway, the discussion about the GTK+ file chooser dialog belongs on a
> GTK+ mailing-list. We can't change it so it's pointless to discuss it
> here.
sort of pointless, sort of not.  i understand what i need from gtk only
from using the gimp.  my nice window manager and all of those toys are
fun but unnecessary.

i need gimp to work like a linux application on my desktop no matter how
pretty the desktop is or how many toys i need around.

less pointless would be an explanation so a mere user can take a logical
complaint to gtk.  can you help with this?


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