hello there,
On Mon, Jun 14, 2004 at 11:13:57PM +0200, Khiraly wrote:
> Maybe I would post at the gtk mailing list, but first Im curious for
> your opinions. I have made a file open dialog improvement in the new one
> (as mockup).
> The main improvements are:
> 1. a horizontal layout for the path (the one divided by / signs) on the
> top (new : / sign; always starts from root) 
> 2. folder names are bold 
> 3. input field, where TAB completion works of course, as in the previous
> version. Above that path could be repeated as simple text. 
> 4. name of the selected file appears in the input field (as in the
> earlier version)
> Mockup:
> http://www.pvvbitech.hu/fotok/openDialog/openDialog.png
i looked at this.  it seems to me that the horizontal layout for the
path you suggested is already set up by gtk to be used vertically in
that area on the left.  gtk-tree-view or something like this.

the buttons that are there on my gimp-2.0 file-selector are just space
wasters.  i dont have or use a "Desktop" directory (or folder, whatever)
nor do i have or use a "Documents" directory (or folder, again,

widgets should not assume things with valuable space.

while the "/" between the buttons look sort of silly, the thumbnail of
the image is quite lovely.


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