> the buttons that are there on my gimp-2.0 file-selector are just space
> wasters.  i dont have or use a "Desktop" directory (or folder, whatever)
> nor do i have or use a "Documents" directory (or folder, again,
> whatever).
Documents, Desktop and Home was there in gimp 2.0 too. 
The improvement what is already there, that you can add a  specific
directory at the left list.

> while the "/" between the buttons look sort of silly, 
For me the "/" between the buttons just *clarify* what are this huge
amount of button. Is it a path. At the moment (gimp 2.1.0) the buttons
are organized horizontalement too, but at the first look I didnt
recognize that its a path, I thinked that there are just another option

So I think, if the path button would be rest horizontal arrangement(and
not drop-down menu), that it must separate with a / for clarify that its
a *path*. Maybe it is a waste of space, it can developed (i think), but
it must be there.


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