Matthew Marshall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>  When I try to open jpeg images from my olympus stylus 400, a box pops up 
> saying: 
> Opening <image file> failed:
> Plug-In could not open image
> Every other image program that I have tried does not have a problem
> with these images.  Strangely, gimp even shows them correctly in the
> preview on the open dialog.  :S

There's nothing strange about this. It only means that another
application created a preview for this image and stored it according
to the Thumbnail Managing standard. Since GIMP also implements this
standard it can find the preview w/o having to generate it itself.

> Does anyone know anything about this?  I uploaded an image here:
> http://www.zippyimages.com/files/64530/p6130166.jpg

The file opens fine here so it's most probably not a GIMP problem but
a bug in your version of libjpeg.

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