On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, Hamish Whittal wrote:

> Hello list,
> I have an image on a white BG I want to put it onto another colour BG. I
> have selected it quite accurately, but now I still have those pesky
> 'white' dots. It looks terrible - a bit like it has no anti-aliasing (I
> think that's the term). I have tried to blur it with the raindrop tool
> (blur and sharpen tool), but this makes the image quite fuzzy and not at
> all good to look at. I did try a shaper blur nib, but that does not seem
> to have any effect.
> Any help gladly accepted.....
> Thanks

Hamish, This method is blunt force, but it works. Enlarge the image with 
zoom (+ key or = key as I map it) till the smallest pencil tool is one 
pixel, make your background color active, change each white pixel to 
background till you are done.

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