Vittorio <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Context: P4, linux debian testing with boxed kde 3.2 and gimp 1.2.3.

Any particular reason you are using such a terribly outdated version
of The GIMP?

> 1)
> I often update my linux box by means of 'apt-get update'  and 'apt-get 
> upgrade' .
> (I suppose that) After one of this updating operation I'm no longer able in 
> the gimp to zoom in an image to 1:1 by pressing only the key "1" which 
> instead open the dialogue windows to open a file (in a nutshell 1 has become 
> a shortcut of "file-open" !!!!!????).

Ctrl-1 is the shortcut for opening the recently used image. This is a
shortcut in the toolbox. The shortcut '1' works with the image window
focused and is the default shortcut to set the Zoom ratio to 1:1.
> 2) only the shortcut '1' is clearly suggested in the zoom menu of
> the gimp to zoom to 1:1.  Is it possible to give other shorcuts for
> the other sizes (2:1 or 1:2, for instance) and how?

You can easily assign other shortcuts. This is explained in the
startup tips.


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