Hi Gimp List!

Let me first give kudos to the developers of the new Gimp!  I had been 
keeping up with it during the 1.3 process somewhat, but not being a 
regular user of Gimp, waited to see the final 2.0 release until my 
Linux distro released their new version which included it.  You guys 
have been busy!  Wonderful changes, outstanding work on an already 
great program!  My sincere admiration for all your hard work.  :o)

Now a question for you.  A local user is trying to load up some camera 
pictures into Gimp, but Gimp doesn't seem to like all the pictures.  Of 
26 photos contained on her memory card, only eight will open and if she 
trys to resave them to her hard drive from Gimp, she gets this error:
   Saving '/home/helen/Family/EmilyChloe.jpg' failed:
   Plug-In could not save image

I think that is the same type of error when trying to load one that 
won't.  Now my first thoughts are that she has not allocated enough 
memory in Gimp to load these 5+ megapixel photos, but the saving part 
confuses me.  Looking at the pictures in a hexeditor shows them to be 
the standard jEXIF format and all of her viewers show the pictures.  
One thing I tried, was to open the "bad" image into ImageMagick, resize 
and save out as jpg.  This too will not open for her or me and the file 
is considerably smaller.

Hints, tips, suggestions?  I can supply the picture to anyone wanting to 
take a look.

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