Tom Williams wrote:
Ok, I'm trying to make a gradient that looks exactly like this:

I'm starting with a duplicate of the "FG to BG (RGB)" gradient and I can edit my copy just fine. However, I just can't get the threshold just right such that the color change looks just like in the image above.

Not sure if you realized this or not, but maybe it will help.

Given a selected area, if you start the gradient tool "early" (before the selection or layer), it will have already begun to fade by the time you enter the selection/layer area. Likewise, if you start at the precise border, but you extend your 'stroke' of the gradient tool well past the frame of the selection or layer area, you will have an ending color that is closer to the foreground color than it is to the background color.

This in no way controls specificly at what interval and rate the gradient changes, but I thought it might be helpful to point out that the gradient doesn't have to start and end on the foreground and background colors.

- Greg
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