On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Steve Crane wrote:

> I'm having a little problem with GIMP 2.0.0 running on KDE.  I know
> there is a later version of GIMP but I think that this may just be a
> case of GIMP and KDE not interacting well and there may be a setting
> (probably in KDE) that will correct it.
> I use the rectangular selection tool in fixed aspect ration mode to
> select areas for cropping.  After I make the selection I sometimes need
> to move it slightly.  As the Alt key appears to be bound to the window
> manager I use Alt-Shift to allow me to drag the selection boundary.  I
> used to do this before with GIMP 1.2.3 on a previous KDE version with no
> trouble.  However it now causes the keyboard to go into a weird state
> where key presses cause a beep and do not register.  If you hold the key
> depressed for a little longer than usual it does register the key press
> and does not trigger key repeat unless you hold it even longer.

I have 2.0.2 , Mdk10 with the latest KDE and cannot replicate your
problem. However, I do have other problems with KDE and have now switched
to Icewm where "all my problems" have disappeared!

So I wonder if you try another window manager and see what happens?

I have found that when I got a lock up like you, my escape route was to
Alt+Ctrl+F8 which dropped me into a console. That at least allowed me to
continue some background processes thought iirc killall X and restart
didn't get me back(nor did Alt+F7), maybe do some experiments without your
dial-up connection.



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