Saturday 26 June 2004 16:36, Сметана Юрій писали:
> Hi! I just upgraded Gimp from 2.0.0 to version 2.0.2 using FreeBSD ports.
> During upgrade all libraryes and applications on wich Gimp depends was
> automaticaly upgraded too.
> After upgrade Gimp started, but when i'm trying to open some image (jpeg,
> psd) gimp grashing with the console message:
> (script-fu:71504): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: script-fu: wire_read(): error
> addressing error (core dumped)
> ["adressing error" - is my own translation of the localizated output]
I did it! I just deleted $HOME_DIR/gimp-2.0
Thank's to all!

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