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"Chris St. Pierre" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes...
> I'm doing some benchmarking among a few boxes, and I'd like to
> include image processing.  Can anyone recommend something to throw
> at the GIMP to produce a benchmark?  I know they usually do things
> like 40 Photoshop filter tests; would something similar be feasable
> in the GIMP?  How would I go about doing it?  (I am, if it's not
> already obvious, a n00b when it comes to the GIMP.)

Hi Chris,

I know it may be not the right place to suggest you just another
program, for benchmarking related to image processing. I thought about
ImageMagick [1] or netpbm [2], this two packages of programs provide
almost console based utilities. So for example you can drive some
complex modifications, converting and effects with the program convert
from ImageMagick for your benchmark.

If you think this is not really comparable with a benchmark on
windows, you can get exact the same utility under Windows for
benchmarking. ImageMagick is available for both operating systems -
Windows and UNI*X.

When you decide to stay by the GIMP so just try the batch processing,
but with this processing I can not help you out, because I have only
heard about it but I never used it.

Greetings, Thomas.

[1]     http://www.imagemagick.org
[2]     http://netpbm.sourceforge.net

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