I honestly hate Windows. I'd be on my Mac right now if the old girl could
handle half the stuff I wish she could...


    I've been having an issue lately where GIMP 2.0.1 (and I upgraded today
and found 2.0.2, as well) is having the following two problems:

It can't seem to read the Windows clipboard anymore. It had been, and now
it's not. I upgraded and still nothing.

Also, whenever I copy and paste something from within GIMP, I get the
following error message:

** (gimp-2.0.exe:1456): WARNING **: Couldn't load font "Microsoft Sans Serif
Italic 10" falling back to "Sans Italic 10"

The last one pops up in an MS-DOS prompt. These are annoying bugs, and the
only thing that stands in my way when using GIMP (I use it anyway, I just
get annoyed by the extra window popping up). I'm using the following:

Windows 2000 Professional with the latest updates and service packs
GTK + 2 v2.4.3
GIMP 2.0.2

Any clues/ideas/suggestions?


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