[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-07-04 at 2356.50 +0200):
>         The problem is, that GIMP's UI changes faster than we can
>         provide screenshots. My idea was an application which records
>         mouse movements and play's them afterwards to create screenshots
>         only once and then automatically. This idea has some major
>         problem when it comes to different positioning of menus and
>         other things, that i discarded the idea. Well, the guys from Sun
>         gave said, that we should provide screenshots only when they are
>         *really* necessary. Another problem with screenshots are the
>         dependencies to languages. I propose, that we shouldn't make
>         screenshots for every minor function or dialog, but describe the
>         functions or dialogs better.

Dunno how, but K-3D has something like what you talk about or better,
interactive tutorials. http://k3d.sourceforge.net/

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