[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-07-04 at 1558.31 -0500):
> > I'm a photographer and I just started using GIMP.  I'm used to
> > Photoshop and so the transition has a bit of a learning curve.  What
> > I need to know is how to make a copyright symbol in the Text tool
> > for addition to my photos.
> If you're using Mac, the easiest thing to do is to hold down Option and hit
> "G". On Windows, the easiest thing to do is to hold down ALT, then on the
> KEYPAD, type in 0169. See?  <-- Just like that.

And for X11, you can use the Compose way: hit compose key and two
other (combinations of) keys in order (first Compose, then R, finally
O, with my kbd config). Compose is Shift+AltGr (in my kbd), R is
Shift+r and O is Shift+o (that is what I meant with combinations of
keys). Run xev and start hitting all combinations you can think of
until you see Compose (or Multi_key, that is the other name for it).
The full list of combinations should be avaliable as

It is a great thing of X11, fast and easy to remember for typical
combinations, but seems to get zero publicity, as well as the AltGr
(Mode_switch in xev) one, which is like using shift, but to get other
chars instead of caps (AltGr+s to get ssharp/beta , and AltGr+Shift+s
for section symbol ).

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