> With the Gimp 2.0 I need to use, as I already did under gimp 1.2.3,
> some useful perl plug-ins I wrote.
> >From www.gimp.org I have installed the linux debian testing
> packages contributed for gimp 2.0.2 including the gimp-perl 2.0.1
> deb package which turns out not to include any of the wanted *.pm
> perl module files.
> Therefore I downloaded from cpan the gimp 2.0 perl module but when I
> try to compile it by means of "perl Makefile.PL" an error pops up
> saying that it cannot find the gimp executable (present, of course,
> under /usr/bin both as gimp-2.0 and @gimp)

I don't think it's looking for the gimp executable. It is looking for
gimptool-2.0 which is not part of the standard gimp RPM package. You
will need to install the gimp-devel package if you want to compile
things for gimp-2.0. This also holds true for compiling gimp-perl of

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