Hallo everybody,

I have recently updated from Suse 8.2 to Suse 9.1 and Gimp was also therefore 
updated to version 2.0. When I tried to run Gimp for the first time it 
launched the configuration window but no words where to be seen on this 
window. Only the images were visible. After blindly completing the initial 
setup by hitting Next all the time, gimp starts loading its various plugins 
and at a point crashes printing the following message

gimp: error while loading shared libraries: gimp: undefined symbol: 

I tried to reinstall both gimp and pango but it didn't work. Does anyone have 
any idea in what could have caused this error and what can I do to solve it? 
I would be grateful.

                        Thank you very much

                                        Panos Kassianidis
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