Seth Burgess <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> s/undo_push/undo/
> A small number of calls (some of them frequently used) have changed
> between versions; you might want to look at the ChangeLog for others.

Figuring out the changes from reading the ChangeLog is probably quite
tedious. Actually we are still looking for a volunteer to write the
"How to port your GIMP 1.2 plug-in/script to the GIMP 2.0 API" chapter
for the developer documentation. Until that has happened, it is
probably best to consult the API docs (distributed with the GIMP
tarball and online at http://developer.gimp.org/api/2.0/).

Most changes are also listed in the compatibility header gimpcompat.h.
This file is meant to be temporarily included while porting a C
plug-in but it should also help you when porting a perl script.

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