Kurt Yoder wrote:
I just recently started using Gimp 2.0 on X11/Mac OS X. Now I've hit a snag; perhaps someone here can offer a pointer?

I opened a gif in gimp and am trying to do gaussian blur on it. However, all my filters are greyed out. Am I missing something obvious?

Not much works on indexed color images (and all GIF files are indexed color, it's a limitation of the format).

Hit 'Image/Mode/RGB' in the menu to convert it.

(Possibly coincidental: while looking into this problem and attempting to duplicate/move layers, I came upon a dialog saying the gif has no alpha channel)

You shouldn't normally have to do this, but for reference if you do: when there's a background layer where transparency doesn't work, right-click (command-click if you have a one button mouse) on the layer in the layers dialog and hit 'add alpha channel'.

-- brion vibber (brion @ pobox.com)

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