Steve Litt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> When we developers use a tool or library to make our work easier,
> it's our job to make it easy for the user to install that tool or
> library.

We developers? I am sorry but I don't remember you being a GIMP
developer. Perhaps you are using a different name here and I don't
recognize you because of that. If you think that there are areas where
GIMP needs improvements, please contribute. As soon as you have done
some significant contributions, you may call yourself a GIMP
> Most Gimp users want to spend their brainpower on making new and
> interesting images -- not on getting the software installed. If Gimp
> relies on tools provided by the operating system or the gcc
> libraries, Gimp should find ways to make installation easy in
> environments of widely differing versions of these tools.

We do our best to provide portable source code that can be compiled on
a variety of operating systems, compilers and tool-chains. And IMO we
do a pretty good job at this. On most distributions GIMP comes
pre-installed or is just one click (or command) away. Only if people
insist on sticking to old and unmaintained software distributions they
might run into problem trying to install GIMP.

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