Is there any way that I can manipulate a smaller, screen-resolution version of 
the actual image (perhaps loading sections at a higher resolution as I zoom 
in), then "render" my edits on the actual file at a later date (eg. 

It strikes me that it is very easy to produce a very large file, such as a 
panorama from several photographs scanned at 1200dpi, but very difficult to 
then edit it due to a lack of RAM.  It'd be great if I could use the GIMP in 
the above manner; it would really open up opportunities for higher-quality 

Apologies if this has already been discussed; the Archive search appears to be 
broken, and I wouldn't know what search terms to use anyway.


PS: There's only one thing that bugs me about version 2.0; how do I assign 
shortcut keys?!
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