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> I've just read a SVEN note (on gimp-dev) about Color Management Gimp
> support. Many things about DTP options (color separation, soft-proof,
> embed profile) which are very interesting but not many about CMYK native
> support (i.e. four channels).

As Sven said himself, CMYK native support is not planned immediately.
Since the GIMP Conference, we now have a pretty good idea of how and
when it will be available, though.

> LittleCMS is very good, but is written with Qt. I guess it will hardly
> be available on Windows.

LittleCMS does not require QT. It may have a QT-based front-end
available, though. But there is a core library which "just" does
colour correction, with no GUI elmements at all.

> Actually, all this is not very clear : diplay filter there, channels
> there, and separate this way, who would it be 'packaged' ?

It seems like right now, there have been no formal proposals for something which
will be done before 2.2 (no-one has yet said "I will do it, and here's how").
But there are a number of uncontested points.
1) Colour correction will be optional, if it is available at all.
2) Before any image data is changed by the application of a colour profile, the
user will be prompted, informing him of a possibly destructive operation
3) Monitor profiles will be applied to the projection data, and thus will not
change any image data.

The packaging would be as trivial as depending on littleCMS, and having a
preference (or perhaps a number of preferences) for turning on/off colour

So - back to the point I mentioned above - does anyone want to draw up a what
and how of colour correction as they would implement it for 2.2?


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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