Napoleon Ahiable writes:
> I was trying to make a selection with a grey background colour 
> setting of R=127, G=127, and B=127. Trouble is i can not see the 
> outline of the shape  whilst drawing an outline. It only appears 
> after i release the left mouse button [ . . . ] What can be done 
> about this ?

This is kind of an annoying answer, but it is possible by playing
with display filters (View->Display Filters) to make the outline
visible in the cases where it normally isn't.  (This has no effect
on your image, and can be turned off when you don't need it 

Incidentally, this problem has nothing to do with marching ants --
the marching ants only appear after the selection is completed,
and they show up fine.

Anyway, this is a problem that if it were considered important
would not really be that hard to solve, but nobody has ever
considered it important enough to spend serious time on.

  -- Bill

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