> I'm wanting to make a favourite icon for my web site.  I created an icon

Favourite Icon, aka favicon, aka Site Icons?

> using Baby Gimp in the xpm format.  Now I need to get it to ico format.
> Baby Gimp doesn't appear to save that format, nor does Gimp.  I tried
> doing a Google/Linux search for a conversion tool and found a number
> that claim to convert xpm to ico, but nothing for the other direction.
> So question is, how can I get the xpm to an ico file?

If you are doing what I think you are doing then you should seriously
consider using PNG instead of ICO, or at worst you should use PNG as well
as ICO.

In the past I've used XnView (http://xnview.com free but not open source)
and other programs to convert to .ico format but the only thing that seems
to be able to create icons reliably is Microsoft Visual Studio.  Anytime
I've used anything else it has caused problems.  I gave up the idea of
using ICO entirely because I couldn't get them to work with Internet
Explorer at all (it doesn't seem to like anything but
www.site.com/favicon.ico and I needed the icon for an individual page)
despite the fact that Mozilla could display the ICO file without a
problem.  I now use only PNG for site icons, and if more people do then
maybe Microsoft will eventaully fix their browser to properly support PNG
instead of their own proprietary ICO files.

Mozilla does not automatically look for favicon.ico so you can easily
have both if you want by leaving Internet Explorer to find it
automatically but specifying an icon on each page for mozilla like so:
<link rel="Shortcut Icon" href="icon.png" >

mozilla also supports tags that Internet Explorer does not
<link rel="icon" href="icon.png" >

Good luck


Alan H.

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