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"Rob Davenport" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote the words:

> I was just doing something similar for an Emacs icon for the Windows 
> port.  I used Gimp to convert (and edit the image I was using 
> somewhat)  and saved it as .jpg (although I think .png or even .bmp 
> might be better) and then used XNView to do the final adjustments 
> (make sure the colormap was correct - 256 colors, with the right one 
> marked as the transparent color) and saved it as an .ico from XNView.
> <http://www.xnview.com> - a great tool and free too.
> If you have any questions, let me know.
> Rob

Another good idea, I knew I was asking the right people.  Actually I
already use xnview and you are correct, it is a great program.  I should
have thought of that also...

I was working late at night, you can tell my brain was hazy.


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