thanks for the suggestions. I tried installing with DarwinPorts on Jaguar but DarwinPorts only returned errors when I tried to install. I was told Jaguar didn't support images, so I went back to Fink and the older Gimp. Since my hard drive is nearly full, I've installed Fink (and Gimp) on an external drive. I've been able to use Gimp to open and manipulate images, but the only way to print has been to save the file and open it from another application (Preview). Gimp-print downloaded as an install image so it probably installed to the internal drive. Could that be the problem?

Brion Vibber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

The build is very convenient but unfortunately it doesn't
run on Jaguar. It probably builds from source, though... DarwinPorts
might work.

"port install gimp2" worked like a charm last time I tried.
Unfortunately the port has not yet been updated, it is still at 2.0.1 :(
I am Cc'ing the maintainer in the hope that he doesn't mind being
reminded to update the portfile...

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