David Mitschelen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> thanks for the suggestions. I tried installing with DarwinPorts on
> Jaguar but DarwinPorts only returned errors when I tried to install. I
> was told Jaguar didn't support images, so I went back to Fink and the
> older Gimp. Since my hard drive is nearly full, I've installed Fink
> (and Gimp) on an external drive. I've been able to use Gimp to open
> and manipulate images, but the only way to print has been to save the
> file and open it from another application (Preview). Gimp-print
> downloaded as an install image so it probably installed to the
> internal drive. Could that be the problem?

If the print plug-in is not in your plug-in search path (see
Preferences), then GIMP can of course not see it.

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