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Quoting Neil Watson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I know that IE has issues with transparent PNG files.  I have noticed that it
> is
> somewhat random.  Some files display correctly while others don't.  Is
> there some type of method or work around that will create a transparent
> PNG file that IE will display correctly?

All PNGs produced in the GIMP display correctly in IE. This is because we
basically have the same design flaw as them - we assumed everything transparent
would be a GIF, so in the GIMP we do transparency with 255 palette entries being
totally opaque, and one palette entry being transparency.

For other programs, here are the tips you asked for:
1) alpha works fine in 32 bit pngs
2) In indexed PNGs, threshold the alpha channel before saving to see what it
will look like in IE. Alternatively, save your image as a GIF, then load it and
save the result as a PNG (or run it through gif2png). This will work fine in IE


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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