On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 03:57:50PM -0500, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
> * Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [08-04-04 15:02]:
> I agree with you 100%.  BUT!  If I want to display a page on the net,
> for *everyone* to see, I must play to the *whole* crowd.
well, we usually agree. 

and i am sorry for you about the whole crowd.  the whole crowd is always
so stupid.  if smart boys like you would stop playing them things would
probably get better quicker.  or dumb girls like you.  whatever you are.

> My own web site was horrible viewed with m$ eXploder, until the png's
> were changed under duress.
my problem is that internet explorer seems to need a bigger place for a
table than mozilla does.  more pixels.  probably mozilla number rules
start with 0 and internet explorers start with 1 or something very basic
and stupid like this.  it screwed up our calendar when the church did
not understand that.

then you got the wc3 that for some reason does not like tables.

isnt it boring?  i am just trying to make web pages with images and
text.  i miss netscape3.

> m$ has *made* their own standard and the lemmings have not objected.
> This lack of objection has given the perception of acceptance to m$'s
> deliberate efforts to make their own, and only their own, products
> desirable to those self same lemmings.
> *Your* argument is religious.
no, religous is when you believe in a whole system so much that you are
willing to pop any pill some man in a white coat with a signature you
cannot read gives you.  the mountain of information that you just have
faith in its working and will help you as the people who just trust the
medical institution and structure.  that is a faith based religon and
nothing i want to be a part of.

using software that actually displays text and images nicely together.
that is just smart.

not having faith in the system that got it to me?  sorry.  i am sorry


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