I've got some script's I'm porting over from 1.2 to 2.0. (I'm using the
windows version, if it makes a difference.)

There have been some changes, but I've gotten the scripts working again.

I had to add an alpha channel to my layers so I could raise/lower them,
add gimp-edit-fill after gimp-edit-clear because of the alpha layer. I
also had to change how I created my text layers, using gimp-text-fontname
instead of gimp-text:

(tLayer (car (gimp-text myImage -1 0 0 inText -1 TRUE 110 1 "*" "Myriad
Roman" "bold" "roman" "normal" "*" "*" "*")))

Changed to:
(tLayer (car (gimp-text-fontname myImage -1 0 0 inText -1 TRUE 13 1
"Myriad Bold")))

Calling it is easier (no foundry or anything to remember), and the text is
close, but not close enough.

I can actually get it right if I disable Hinting in the text tool options
if I manually create the image, but there doesn't appear to be any way to
control the hinting via script-fu. Is there some way I can set it to
disabled globally so it will be disabled in script-fu too?

I have to create a *lot* of these images, so help would be much appreciated!

Mark R. Andrachek, Jr.
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