GIMP version 2.0.4, the 'GIMP Tipsy' release is now available from


Please use one of the mirrors listed at

This is a bug-fix release in the stable 2.0 series. A number of build
issues and bugs have been fixed since GIMP 2.0.3. Here's a detailed
list of improvements:

- several build fixes (#147799, #148813, #147013)
- fixed bug in Polarize plug-in (#147799)
- fixed out-of-bounds access in Ink tool code (#144856)
- improved antialiasing of elliptical selections (#147836)
- fixed typo in gradient editor (#148300)
- really remove all associated items from the ID hash table when an
  image is being closed (#148614)
- work around integer overflows when transforming large drawables (#128594)
- fixed wrong EXIF handling in JPEG plug-in, a bug that has been
  introduced in 2.0.3 (#148632)
- fixed bug in Script-Fu extension (bug #148729)
- fixed crash in container grid views (bug #148955)
- handle changes to URI handling in newer glib releases (bug #148140)

Thanks to all the people who have helped us to improve GIMP 2.0
further. This includes the developers who sent patches but also all
the users who submitted useful bug reports. Please keep up the good

Stay Tipsy, Sven
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