On Friday 06 August 2004 04:01, Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:
> I've managed to install GIMP2.0.3 on Mandrake 10.0. I had to install 25
> ! packages to resolve dependences (gtkhtml isn't installed still because
> it requires almost all new Gnome libraries I guess). As I've read there
> are people who want to install 2 on Mandrake 10. So I'll post a message
> today later with description of the process and links to required packages.
> P.S. Yesterday I've managed to install GIMP2.0.3. It took the whole day
> long (I'm not a guru :) ), but today the newer 2.0.4 is announced... ;)

You certainly install to few things by default on your MDK system... 
I never had to install more than a few extra packages to have GIMP running on 
MDK 10.0.

Anyway, it will be agood thing if you paste in an e-mail to the list all the 
packages you needed and other steps that you might have incurred into. 

In that way, your experience may show up as a guide to someone who googles for 
"installing gimp 2 in Mandrake 10.0", as the list's archives are acessible 
through the web.

Also note that in the contribs RPMS for MDK 10.0 there is a gimp2 RPM. That 
means that if you configure a contrib repositorie as one of your urpmi 
sources, URPMI can take care of all dependencies for you.


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