* Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2004-08-07 06:59]:
> Yellow and black crop frame? That's the border of the active layer,
> not at all related to crop.

Thanks for clearing that up - and thanks to those who privately
replied.  I guess I discovered the layer border at the same time I was
playing with crop.  And to add to the confusion, floating layers were
trimming my image at the border, as if to be cropping.  So I've spent
a maddening few hours trying to use crop to manipulate what was really
a layer border.  For the record, the solution is to do a "layer to

As a suggestion to any developers who may be following this thread, it
would be really nice if there were a mouse-over that tells the user
that the yellow/black line is a layer border.  I then guess that would
annoy the users who already know what it is.  

Maybe a novice mode w/ mouse-overs?  I know a photoshop user who is an
open-source gnu fanatic, and really wants to switch to gimp, but
insists that gimp is too difficult to use, and has some missing
functionality.  There's a good chance that the "missing functionality"
is really a case of him not finding it.  

Anyway, thanks to all who helped.  Besides this issue, I've been quite
pleased with gimp.
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