On Mon, Aug 09, 2004 at 09:06:15PM -0500, John Dorfman wrote:
> I'm new here and probably won't post often, but I think I have an
> answer to the origin of the floating layers.  I was recently looking
> though the GIMP 1.3 manual.  And if I remember correctly, it said
> something like this.  There was a time in GIMP or some software that
> inspired GIMP where there were not layers.  Thus for pasting, floating
> layers were born to crop and move, I believe, the pasted portion to
> the appropriate dimensions before anchoring.  Hope this was what you
> were looking for!
this is exactly what we needed.

it is a historical thing, not a useful one -- this floating layer

i am going to forward this to the developer list with the suggestion
that we drop the whole thing.

thanks for the research.


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