Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> When moving a selection with the cursors, Shift-cursor moves the
> selection by a larger amount (26 pixels, I just checked, no idea
> why).

It moves by 25 pixels. Why? Because it's defined like this in

 #define ARROW_VELOCITY  25

In GIMP 2.1 this behaviour has been changed. The selection is now
moved 25 display pixels not 25 image pixels so you get a larger
movement if you are looking at the image zoomed out. The behaviour of
just using the cursor keys (w/o pressing Shift) didn't change. It
always moves exactly one image pixel.

The ChangeLog asked for complaints if anyone dislikes the new
behaviour and so far noone complained so it will probably stay this
way for GIMP 2.2.

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