Milos Prudek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I want to achieve a certain effect. For lack of better description
> I'll call it "a dreamy look".
> I found a perfect, very short howto for Photoshop here:
> http://www.photoserver.cz/tutorials_show.asp?ID=20
> Description is in Czech, but it's easy to follow the howto thanks to
> numerous screenshots.
> Now the problem: Gimp has exactly the same tools as used in this
> tutorial. The end result is quite disappointing though.
> Basicaly the Gimp-processed image lost much detail in the grandma's
> hair and it looks much more out of focus than the Photoshop version.
> How can I achieve this "dreamy look" in the Gimp?

I am guessing only but I'd say the tutorial forgets to mention that
the upper layer (the blurry one) needs to be set to Screen mode. I can
get a result that comes very close by following the tutorial and
changing the layer mode to "Screen".

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