On Thu, Aug 12, 2004 at 02:18:02AM +0400, iwantto keepanon wrote:
> Did I stump ya?  Or confuse ya?  Is anyone out there ...
> > I have an image w/ some text in it.  I want to move *each* letter
> > over by 2 pixels (to accomodate an outline).  So here is what I do:
> >

best to use texttool to make each letter on a separate layer.  you do
this by highlighting the background layer and clicking on that for each
new letter.

then use the guides and move tool to settle everything that you have in
the way you want it.

from there, <Image> -->Image -->Merge Visible Layers (with only the text
layers showing) will make one layer out of the several.

text tool is set up to make good text.  you are making decorative text
which is more like good decorative text, comparatively speaking.


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