"Sven Neumann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Please watch the layers dialog while you are doing this. That should
> explain your problem (which is due to a floating selections you will
> want to anchor).

I do see the floating selection layer, but I still don't want to
anchor.  When I anchor the entire selection disappears.  I want to
unselect 1 small region.  In this case that is text, but if I am
making a map and I have precise pixel level selections at 500% zoom;
then anchoring is the last thing I want to do.

Is Ctl+Drag *only* a valid operation before anything is done on the
selection?  Seems to me that, after the first operation on a selection
the Ctl+Drag operation isnt much good anymore.   Right or Wrong?

BTW, thanks you carol for some great tutorials.  I have several logos
generated so far.  Some w/ the flag and some beveled and haloed.  Thx
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