what I understand from your text and page is that you
want to show the flag inside the letters.  If that is
what you want then you can do it through masking. 
Just put the flag in the background, insert another
another White layer, select black as your foreground
color, select the text tool, write your title with
black color.  If you are using a 2.x version of GIMP,
cut the text [layer] that GIMP has just inserted, add
a layer mask to the white layer you previously added
on top of the flag background, select the mask by left
clicking on it in the layers dialog and select paste
to put the CUTted text on the white layer.  Because of
the full black color of the text, the flag would show
through from inside the letters.  Now you can save
your selection to a channel by selecting _Save to
Channel_ from the _Select_ menu to ensure you can
recover your original selection if you mess up the
selection.  Now add or subtract selections the way you
want.  if you want to move your pasted selection, you
can as this time it has been pasted not as a text
layer but as a selection and you can select/de-select
the way you like.

Hope I correctly understood your problem.


Asif Lodhi

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