Thanks for replying.

I am a normal Linux user and using Red Hat Linux 9
(Shrike?) and though a developer also but not an
OS-level developer.  I don't know how my message
turned into spam but in this part of the world
(Pakistan, Asia), Internet connections are real slow
and, instead of downloading Linux, we normally use
_copied_ CDs easily available in the market.  I was
using Mozilla browser and if that has been patched or
something then I am really sorry.  There was something
wrong with the browser as the running processes view
was showing a remote X-Session attached to the Mozilla
process.  I have stopped using the browser and using
Konqueror now.  This one is working fine.  I primarily
use my computer for learning GIMP, programming, etc. 
If my e-mail becomes spam then I honestly don't have a
clue about it.  I would appreciate any help in this



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