Sven Neumann wrote:

GIMP creates thumbnails according to the Thumbnail Managing Standard.
Any application that adheres to this standard should be able to show
you thumbnails for images that GIMP created (in whatever format).

I forgot to add that GThumb belongs to that category. It shows
thumbnails that GIMP created just fine. I am using gthumb 2.4.1 here.


This has been a bad day. Nothing worked. With my limited knowledge of Gimp and Gthumb I am totally confused. First I was unable to upgrade Gthumb to 2.4 from 2.2. I tried an rpm and tar. Also I do not understand about gimp creating thumbnails. When I open a .xcf file using gimp I can make a thumbnail. I also see the thumbnail in Document history. However there is no thumbnail when I try to open the same xcf file in gthumb. It shows a size of 0x0 pixels and 266k bytes. I use gimp mostly for photo editing and am just a novice at that. Perhaps I am in the wrong forum for a thumbnails discussion.

Thanks for your time.


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